Christian-Based Program

Christian-Based Addiction Rehab

People who need addiction rehab and recovery often struggle with questions about what type of program is the most effective and what will work for them. While everyone is different and requires different types of treatment, christian-based addiction rehab has something to offer nearly everyone.

The core aspect of our Christian/Christian-based Program is for people to know Christ. We provide an intentional pathway to help our clients connect and build a relationship with Him. They come to understand that their past can be forgiven and they have a future in heaven.

Studies have shown that those who choose a christian-based approach to recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober.

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Why Christian Rehab Works

The basis of a Christian or christian-based rehab program is to not only provide healing from addiction, but also true and everlasting healing from sin, through faith in Christ. A Christian program provides hope to those who have been beaten down by addiction, helping them experience forgiveness and the power to live a new life.

Drug abuse and alcoholism destroy lives, but Christian drug rehab builds up. Anyone who is stuck in addiction has to daily struggle with feelings of guilt, anger, hopelessness, despair, and isolation. A christian-based model for recovery helps the addict address all those feelings and learn how to overcome them through forgiveness and pursuit of new life in Christ.

Christian rehab works because God’s love works. When everyone else in the world has given up on the addict, God reaches out with healing and offers free and full forgiveness. Past wrongs can no longer haunt us like they used to, because God has erased the past, and wants us to now live for Him.

Benefits of christian-based rehab:

  • Healing for mind, body, and spirit
  • Recovery that lasts
  • Relapse prevention
  • Closer relationship with God
  • Supportive community of believers
  • Peace of forgiveness
  • Hope of eternal life
  • True transformation
  • Motivation to live a new life
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What sets our christian-based program apart?

  • Our staff. Every team member models unconditional acceptance. And because many can personally relate to our clients’ life stories, they foster a feeling of safety and trust. This program is led by professionally trained clinicians who are committed Christians using treatment plans in line with Scripture.
  • Our commitment to providing the best content and curriculum. We understand that everyone is on their own path so we discover what methods work best for them and meet them where they are on their journey.
  • Our setting. This program takes place in our serene Christian suite, which features a chapel for celebration and contemplation. They’re also given the opportunity to attend weekly services and be baptized by a local pastor in the calm of our pool or the excitement of the ocean.
  • Our Follow-up. Our powerful Alumni Program helps keep clients accountable and sober throughout their lives.
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Traditional Care during Christian Rehab

phase to medical experts who can monitor you closely and administer medication when necessary. A medical model christian-based rehab will also provide proper nutrition, exercise, and physical healing for the best long term results. A weak body will prolong healing and make the journey more difficult, but a healthy body will facilitate healing of the mind and spirit.

A good christian-based rehab will also be committed to providing the most effective therapy and curriculum so you can be assured you are getting the best care possible. Each client who enrolls in a program should receive a customized rehab plan, designed specifically for their unique needs.

If you choose a Christian rehab program, don’t think you need to give up on effectiveness. Choose a program that combines a Christ-focused theme with proven therapy techniques for the best success.

What you can expect from Christian rehab:

  • Professionally trained and licensed staff that is caring and compassionate
  • Medical care during detox and rehab
  • Effective programming
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 step meetings
  • Bible study
  • Communion and baptism
  • Worship services
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Alumni program
  • Serene Setting
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Therapies Offered

Individual Therapy

Clients participate in one-on-one sessions with Christian clinicians and receive biblically and psychologically sound guidance throughout the recovery process.

Group Therapy

Group sessions help clients develop new ways of relating to themselves, others and God. These gender-specific groups are designed to address men’s and women’s issues separately.
Topics included in Christ-centered therapy sessions:

  • Where is the Image of God in You? This group addresses defects of character in scriptural and Godly ways.
  • 12-Step Christianity takes a look at Christian roots and application of the 12 steps from a biblical perspective.
  • Grace Walk helps clients learn to enjoy life the way God intended it to be, free from things that get in the way of a believer’s walk with Christ.
  • Spiritual Principles for Christians addresses how to use spiritual principles in our everyday walk with the Lord.
  • Battlefield of the Mind helps clients gain control over their mind and find freedom and peace by overcoming worry, doubt, confusion, depression and anger.
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Healing through God’s Love and Power

By now you know that life in this world is a struggle, but thankfully this is not all we have to look forward to. Drugs and alcohol can drag us down, but we do not have to suffer in despair and depression. We have a faithful God and a loving Savior who has promised to be with us, forgive us, and help us through the struggles of this life. Christian rehab reiterates this message of hope throughout its programming, so that individuals can leave the program fully confident in their true transformation through Christ.

No matter what religious denomination you are a part of, or even if you do not consider yourself to be religious at all, you can benefit from our christian-based rehab. We help clients find true peace as they become free of the guilt of their past, and we provide the encouragement and support necessary for lasting recovery.

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Other Offerings Through Our Christian Based Program

  • Celebrate Recovery/Traditional 12-Step Meetings. Clients go to local churches to experience God’s healing power through Jesus at a Celebrate Recovery group, in addition to 12-step recovery meetings.
  • Communion and Baptism. Our affiliated local churches offer Communion and Baptism for those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Church. Attending services is one of the most consistent predictors of abstinence from substance use so we provide the opportunity to attend church on a weekly basis.
  • Inner Healing. Spiritual principles are used with guided imagery and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
  • We also provide services for all religious denominations.
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