• Continuum Care

    Continuum Care

    Fallen Leaves comprehensive adult program incorporates medical management, 12-step recovery concepts, individual, group and family therapy and aftercare services.

  • Therapies


    Dual Diagnosis – Dual Diagnosis therapy is a daily treatment protocol. One-to-one therapy and group therapy provides clients with the opportunity to address co-occurring disorders.

  • Medical Detox

    Medical Detox

    Detox provided under medical supervision is the process by which the body eliminates poisons and harmful substances called toxins.

  • Mental Health Program

    Mental Health

    Many people today feel lost, confused, and unsure of their future. Drug and alcohol addiction, emotional struggles, and psychological disorders are all issues…

  • Concierge Addiction Medicine Program

    Concierge Addiction Medicine Program

    Our Wellness Program is a unique integrative medicine program designed to support you in the successful completion of your treatment plan.

  • Christian Program

    Christian-Based Program

    The core aspect of our Christian-based Program is for people to know Christ. We provide an intentional pathway to help our clients connect and build a relationship with Him. Studies have shown that those who choose a Christian-based approach to recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober.