Admissions Process

Get started with your recovery!

The hard part is over; you have gone through hours of agonizing deliberation regarding seeking help for yourself or your loved one. You have made the decision to restore a life. Our competent admissions team is trained to make this process effective and caring. Our team will provide step-by-step direction as well as understanding and support from the initial phone inquiry through: data collection; insurance verification; intake evaluation; admit criteria verification and appropriate placement decisions. All family and client information (ie, legal, educational, health, social) is collected to assist in formalization of the admission plan.

Individuals who are actively using drugs and demonstrating negative behavior are unwilling to acknowledge any problems. They most likely are very comfortable with their lifestyle and appear oblivious to the chaos and stress their actions cause. Family members may need to have a professional intervention that forces their loved one to look at their behavior and enter therapy. Addicted individuals may be resistant to any changes to their lifestyle and placement may be without their consent. We will assist you with transportation arrangements, be it assisted transportation by our expert intervention team or travel and pick up plans. Once the client is safely introduced to the treatment center, staff and program, our dedicated and competent therapy team will guide the entire family through the treatment course. The pre-intervention and intervention process is a meticulous, organized, communicative protocol that our expert team will assist you with. Throughout the treatment process, it is important to trust and follow the directions of the professionals. It is very easy to give in to denial, resistance and ambivalence. Consistency and structure is the key to successful treatment.

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